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FDA Tobacco Inspections

In 2009, the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was granted authority over tobacco products, making them responsible for:

  • Requiring the tobacco industry to provide information that allows the government to better inform consumers
  • Restricting marketing that appeals to young people, misleads adults, and deceptively encourages tobacco use
  • Informing consumers through:
    • Improved warning labels
    • Better testing of tar, nicotine, and other harmful substances
    • Standards to prohibit false health claims
  • Regulating the contents of the product to protect consumers
  • Protecting and expanding state authority
  • Conducting compliance checks, which strengthens restrictions on salesĀ to youth

The FDA contracts with DAODAS to provide inspectors who are tasked with conducting two types of inspections on tobacco products:

  • Youth Buys
  • Advertising and Labeling Inspections

Inspections began in April 2013. Each time a violationĀ is noted, the inspector conducts three additional inspections at the location within 90 days.

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