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Assistant Director for Early Intervention

Posted 07/25/2023  |  08/21/2023

Organization: University of South Carolina

Organization Address: Columbia, S.C.

Job Description:
Supervises the daily operations of the BASICS program at the University of South Carolina. BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students) is an evidence-based harm-reduction approach to early intervention that utilizes personalized feedback and nonconfrontational coaching sessions to help students reduce their high-risk substance use. BASICS makes use of motivational interviewing and personalized normative feedback strategies to assist students in identifying and
working toward changes they would like to make in their substance use. The BASICS program is implemented primarily by graduate student interns, typically from social work and counseling programs.

Job Responsibilities:
• Oversees delivery of the BASICS program implemented by graduate student interns. Implementation includes, but is not limited to, receiving referrals, scheduling appointments, conducting BASICS sessions, documenting case progress, and providing follow-up as needed.
• Recruits and supervises graduate student interns, including coordinating training and ongoing professional development. Evaluates best practices and makes recommendations to best address high-risk student behavior and students of concern.
• Provides, as necessary, brief motivational interviewing intervention and referral services to a limited caseload of higher-risk students.
• Tracks program outcomes. Generates reports of student behavior survey responses, which contributes to assessment of program effectiveness.
• Serves as a liaison with Student Conduct, Student Care and Outreach Team, Counseling and Psychiatry, Title IX, and other campus and community offices as necessary to provide continuity of care.

Required Qualifications:
• Master's degree in Social Work, Public Health, Counseling, Higher Education or a related field AND one year of related experience.
• Experience using motivational interviewing strategies, brief screening and intervention strategies (e.g. BASICS) and in higher education setting or working with young adults.
• Strong organizational and verbal/written communication skills.
• Ability to work successfully with a diverse community and provide services from a non-judgmental perspective.

Preferred Qualifications:

Salary: $54,165

Application Deadline: 08/21/2023

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