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Partnership to End Addiction

Partnership to End Addiction is a result of the cohesive joining of two pioneering and preeminent addiction-focused organizations — Center on Addiction and Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.  The new partnership combines their depth of expertise with a compassion-driven, hands-on approach to deliver solutions to individuals and families and proactively take action to incite productive change.  Partnership to End Addiction mobilizes families, policymakers, researchers, and healthcare professionals to more effectively address addiction systemically on a national scale.

As Partnership to End Addiction embraces action, the organization keeps four truths in mind:

  1. Addiction is a preventable, treatable disease for which effective care exists.
  2. Addiction is not a moral failing.
  3. Addiction is a public health issue — in fact, a public health crisis.
  4. When families are engaged, the odds of success increase dramatically.

Visit www.drugfree.org for more information.