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It’s never too late,
or too early, to start talking to your kids.


As a parent, your first priorities are protecting your children’s safety and health. When it comes to talking about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, it’s best to have conversations early.


That’s because your children are still maturing and learning how to make good decisions, all while being exposed to these substances and influenced by their friends, peers and social media. But the truth is that you, as a parent, are their biggest influencer. They look to you for guidance, and they listen to you too.


Starting a conversation about these topics can be awkward – for you and your kids. We’re here to provide resources to help you feel more comfortable about having these open conversations. Why is that so important? Because if you’re not talking to your kids, someone else is.


Learn how to have open conversations and keep them going.


Here are some age-appropriate activities you can do with your child that can help make having conversations easier, and even a little fun.