Accountability Report

DAODAS has compiled and documented information that quantifies our agency’s efficiency, effectiveness, and adherence to budget. The most recent Accountability Report can be found at the link below. It compares our stated goals with actual results.

Contribution Distributions from State Appropriations

As directed by Executive Order 2022-19, please click the link below to view detailed information about the entities that are receiving "earmarked" appropriations through DAODAS from the Fiscal Year 2024 General Appropriations Act.

How DAODAS Spends Your Tax Dollars

For a detailed synopsis of how DAODAS spends your tax dollars, please click the link below, which will take you to the South Carolina Spending Transparency website. It provides citizens with convenient access to details on how tax dollars are spent by state agencies.

Procurement Card Usage

The South Carolina Comptroller General provides detailed information on procurement card use by state agencies. This information can be found at the website below.

Report Fraud, Waste, and Abuse in State Agencies

The Office of the State Inspector General urges you to report fraud, waste, and/or abuse in state agencies. You can do so by calling or e-mailing the Office of the State Inspector General:


For more information, please visit