Privacy Policy

The privacy, confidence, and trust of individuals who visit the DAODAS website are important to us. No personal information is collected at this site unless provided voluntarily by an individual while participating in an activity that asks for the information. If you choose to provide us with personal information, as in an e-mail message, DAODAS will use this information to respond to your request. There are times when your e-mail is forwarded within DAODAS to employees who are better able to assist you. DAODAS may also forward requests for assistance to another appropriate agency for response. Please do not put confidential and personal information such as social security number, date of birth, bank account and credit card information, mother's maiden name or medical information in your e-mail communications to DAODAS.

DAODAS will not disclose personal information collected from users to private third parties unless the law requires such disclosure. Laws exist in South Carolina to ensure government is open and that the public has a right to access appropriate records and information possessed by a government agency. At the same time, however, there are exceptions to the public's right to access certain records in order to preserve the privacy of individuals.